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We build relationships, not just profiles!

We understand that in this social driven  world we live in, it’s easy to fall behind. The truth is that your digital presence directly reflects on your business. Are you putting your best foot forward, and building strong relationships with your audience to keep them coming back for more? If not, then we’re the match for you.

When you partner with the experts at Ascend you gain a full-service Social Media Marketing team. We work to ensure that you are building strong relationships online with your target audience by creating custom, engaging content followed up by extremely targeted digital media advertising, which can be complemented by stunning photography/videography. The result? Brand awareness and recognition. Increased Traffic. Spikes in leads. And most importantly, a loyal audience.

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Organic and Paid Social Media Management

Organic: Each post is an asset that increases your brand’s value in the eyes of your followers. The Imagine Media team will create valuable content to fuel you social feeds with posts that will engage and grow your audience.

Paid: We set up audiences, budgets, demographics, and analytic tools that ensure you’re getting the most out of every social media campaign. We amplify what’s working and adjust what can be improved to position your social media campaign for the greatest ROI.


Corporate training

Not ready to take the plunge but interested in learning more about social media? We’ll come to you with a personalized Social Media Audit and equip you and your team with the tools to build a strategic online presence.

Reporting & Analytics

Our unbeatable Digital Marketing team supplies in-depth monthly reports including analytics across all social platforms that highlight growth and engagement. From here, we are able to draw conclusions and alter strategy according to audience behavior.

Better yet? We are constantly monitoring the shifts and changes in social and will ensure that your brand is jumping on opportunities to be the best of the best.


Community Management​

We actively managing your community to cultivate and nurture existing relationships that will better your chances of converting your followers and improving the company’s ROI.

Social Strategy and Consulting

Social media goes beyond posting content and adding follow icons on your website. Our social media experts make an engaging and results-driven social media presence possible by consulting with you to fully understand your goals and objectives – then developing a strategy that surpasses them.

Brand Ambassador Management

We all know that social media is never a party of one. Ascend Media utilizes a network of micro and macro influencers across South Africa to ensure that your brand is a part of a larger community and that your voice is heard, through tailored campaigns.  

Social media photography and videography

The fastest way to up your impact in the social media space? Compelling storytelling and visual aesthetic. Our talented visual production team knows how to power up your brand across platforms with performance-focused creative that grabs your audience’s attention and gets them to take action. 

Google AdWords, Google Analytics and SEO

Armed with insight, we use intelligent, bespoke approaches that will maximise the return on your advertising spend. We keep up-to-date with the changes that Google makes to its algorithm and help you rank higher on Google searches. We also analyse customer journeys, channel performance and the competitive landscape to find opportunities and plan your growth strategy.

Copywriting and Copyediting

Our team is passionate about harnessing the power of content and words to help your business to find its voice. From blogs, newsletters and press release writing, we write words to help businesses open minds, hearts and wallets

Ascend caters to small to medium enterprises, as well as NGO’s. Whether you’re looking to launch or improve on your service, build digital capabilities, or define your brand strategy, we’re here to get you to your goals faster

Things don’t get better by chance, they get better by change.

The digital world is ever-changing and consumers have never had higher expectations of a brand.

It’s survival of the fittest and in order to meet these challenges, you need the right digital partner.


We aim to provide:

A unique creative vision of how your brand will fit into this ever-changing market

We provide quality strategic insights

We provide a personalized and attentive service to build relationships with our clients

We are constantly dedicated to excellence

We stand at the forefront of creative thinking




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Don't fight the old, build the new

We live in a constantly evolving world. Brands needs to keep up with the pace of digital change. Here is where we step in. We strive to deliver marketing experiences that are at the forefront of creativity and innovation.

Take on tomorrow!

We strategically combine data, creativity, and marketing to create the business models and brands of tomorrow.